Teaching, recording, & performing original works     

The Real-Dag Duo consists of veteran Boston MC, Dagha and DJ/Producer, DJ Real. A product of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era, Dagha is often described as a mixture of Pharoah Monch and Sadat X. Dagha cut his teeth as part of the highly regarded Boston super group Electric (Electric Company) in 2004. Following the group’s breakup, Dagha focused on his debut solo LP, “Object In Motion,” released in 2005. With Production handled mainly by Insight, DJ Real, and Martian Gang, the album received a 5-star review from Hip Hop Connection magazine. In 2008, Dagha 

dropped his second LP, “The Divorce,” a soulful concept album which dealt with his personal relationship experiences. Dagha managed to eclipse his debut, as the album received rave reviews. He has since been featured alongside Insight, Count Bass D, Shinsight Trio, released a 

project with Psych Major, and gained notoriety for his Impressive appearance on the critically acclaimed Edan album, “Beauty & The Beat”. 

DJ Real began as a mobile DJ in the early 90’s. Inspired by the legendary DJs of that era, he entered numerous battles throughout the early 2000’s, including the DMC Technics Championships. Today, he continues the tradition of turntablism with his live mixtape series, “Real-Audio.” The series showcases underground Hip Hop, R&B, & Soul with traditional trick-mixing. In 1999 DJ Real met producer Shin-Ski, a producer from Japan, and began to learn production. The two formed the production team, Martian Gang, and would go on to produce on projects by Insight, Electric, Dagha, and Time Machine. Returning to Japan, Shin-Ski would form “Shinsight Trio” with Insight and DJ Ryow. The trio would go on to drop 3 critically acclaimed albums. The first album by The Real-Dag Duo marks the culmination of the work of DJ Real, Dagha, Shin-Ski, and Insight that began with their work on the Electric album, “Life’s a Struggle” in 2004.

“Rap Fantastic” is Dagha’s third LP, a project with long-time collaborator, DJ Real. Having handled the majority of Dagha’s production to this point, this project marks the first full album by the duo. The album is an ode to the Boom-Bap East Coast Hip-Hop sound featuring Insight, Moe Pope, and Sadat X of Brand Nubian.